Pstat – Database update

It’s been a long time, but update is happened. New categories added. Dumps now: 73. Uniq passwords in db: 71 387 831, common passwords count: 127 920 916.
In this connection, information about charsets, top passwords, etc is actualized.
Pleasant use 🙂

Analytical Center 2.0a

Hello. Glad to present release of “Analytical Center” 2.0a. It`s web-application for collect, save and analyze pen-test information. You can put there target network scheme, users information, software vulnerabilities, etc.

Full information you can get on documentation page . And welcome to project forum

This release has not video review because structure of AC – it`s managing many objects with same structure. It`s made a documentation very tautologicaly and in video it`s sounds very bad. May be some time i understand how made good video review and done it.

You may see screenshots and get source codes on Github –

Will thankful for any constructive criticism, feedback and develop proposals.

Author`s post: EN RU

Hello everyone. We glad to announce our new project «Hack4Sec Passwords Statistic».

This is web-site with statistics builded by real passwords analyze. We search public DB leakages with public services. All countries, all subjects. From this leakages we get passwords without any other information (logins, email, ips, etc). Passwords analysing and result statistics data adding on this service with country and subject link.

At this moment you may found on site next information:

  • Dictionaries of analysed passwords sorted by frequency and alphabet.
  • Passwords TOP-list
  • Passwords length statistics
  • Passwords masks statistics
  • Passwords charsets statistics
  • Passwords symbols statistics


At this moment not many leakages was parsed, but exists statistic already can help in hashcracking.

We will be glad for any feedback. You can post comment or leakage information on team`s forum.

P.S. Please, first of all read the FAQ.

HashBruteStation v0.1a release

Hello everybody. Hash Brute Station – it`s a web-panel for control “home” builded hashcracking server.

Author post about HBS

Links about project:
English documentation:
Cli-part repo:
Web-part repo:
Video-review (eng subs):
Project forum:

WebScout 0.2a

Всем доброго времени суток! Первым постом в новом блоге команды становится сообщение о релизе WebScout 0.2a.

Видео-обзор с демонстрацией основных возможностей:

Полная документация по проекту:

Форум проекта:

Репозиторий cli-части:
Репозиторий веб-части:

Changelog`а к этой версии нет, потому что изменений очень огромное количество. Документация по рабочим модулям полностью переписана.